Jaymi Onorato

Jaymi Onorato is the marketing manager at Intentsify, a leading provider of intent data solutions. After several years working in various B2B roles at The Wall Street Journal and Worldwide Business Research (WBR), Jaymi currently supports Intentsify’s go-to-market strategy.

35 Intent Data Terms Every B2B Marketing and Sales Leader Should Know

Intent data can be a complex topic. Here are 35 essential terms every B2B marketing and sales leader should know to get the most from your solution(s).

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Becoming A Data-Driven Marketer? Here’s Why Intent Data Is Critical

Here are 7 ways B2B marketers can use intent data to become more data-driven and drive demand, increase conversion rates, and scale revenue.

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Detangling Common Assumptions About Intent Data

Intent data can help you identify accounts currently in-market and choose the right messaging and content that will most likely get a prospect to convert.

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The Checklist for Selecting Intent Data Topics and Keywords

Tracking the right intent data topics & keywords is critical when driving success for intent-driven initiatives. To help you select each here's a checklist

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8 Pitfalls to Avoid When Using Intent Data for Demand Generation

Using intent data for demand generation use cases is an effective way to drive demand, but be sure to avoid these mistakes before implementing your data.

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