Charlie Tarzian

Charlie is a recognized industry expert in marketing technology and big data discovery and analysis. He founded the intent data company The Big Willow in 2012 and served as its CEO before its 2018 acquisition by Aberdeen, where he then served as Chief Innovation Officer. During the two decades before launching The Big Willow, Charlie held various C-level positions—including CTO, CSO, and CEO—at several marketing and technology companies, where his experiences led him to pioneer new methods of discerning buyer intent.

Using Your ICP to Optimize Your TAL

Using intent data helps B2B marketing and sales teams improve their ABM strategies by identifying more target accounts that fit their ICP. Here's how.

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Intent Look-Alike Accounts: Expanding Your Net of In-Market Accounts

One of the most underrated uses for intent data: Identifying additional in-market accounts beyond what's on your target-account list.

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Intent-Driven ABM & Programmatic: Awareness First, Then Engagement

Using intent data for account-based programmatic advertising can deliver great results. It's best used first as a tool for awareness and then engagement.

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The Future of B2B Marketing: Envisioning a World Without Cookies

Guest contributor Charlie Tarzian discusses how the B2B marketing landscape may evolve in the absence of cookies, explaining several potential outcomes.

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